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Don't look back.
Everything consists of a lot of rain, a window, two numb hearts, and one emerald painting.
The first splattered down and spilled into the streets like lifeblood, as if it wished to wipe clean the world of beautiful and indestructible sin. This rain finds itself begging at the doors, hoping to forget.
In this weather, people are blind to one another, each enveloped in their own thoughts of home. A bunch of giggling and drenched students flee from the watery onslaught, rushing to the nearest lit window and exclaiming to one another that it is better than nothing, at least until the sky stops crying.
As they step in, the puddles surround them protectively. Perhaps the rain they carried in with them knew? Not unlikely. Their chatter fills the air like pretty bubbles as they look around the art gallery.
There is a girl. She sits very still, on a stool, and holds her spine away from them. The green folds of her coat are weary, creasing with age and velvet.
Like a statue, the man stands next
:iconyumekaze117:Yumekaze117 5 6
Definition of Mania
Mania: From Greek μανία; "madness, frenzy." From Greek: μαίνομαι; "To rage, to be mad, to be furious." An established criterion for diagnosing several mental disorders.
I will describe it to you, this mania. Taste the absinthe hallucination as this sudden green intoxication trickles down your throat, streamlining into veins as your heart dances by the electric strobe light, beat after beat. The room blurs twice, stands at attention, and blurs again. Distortion sets in and you just want to shed everything right then and there, regardless of the voices that zoom in and out those ears. Brace yourself for the roller coaster ride-
"Drinks have been poured."
The visions start. Not necessarily in your eyes but they riot freely in your mind. The word salad is so tasty as it runs off your tongue- you honestly don't give a damn at your companion's confused expression, because your creativity levels are off the charts and you swear, yo
:iconyumekaze117:Yumekaze117 1 3
Green Velvet
She emerges from the mist like some fairy-touched figure, the solemn firs towering high into the dreaming sky. I tuck my books tightly under one arm as the oddity approaches.
I'd  estimate her age to be around seven or so, but there's just something in those emerald eyes that can't be grasped or understood entirely.
"What are you doing?" She stops at a few feet away from me, her gaze absolutely unnerving. She grins.
"Waiting for something to happen."
"There's nothing around here." Blinking, she twirls around and rolls her eyes towards the heavens, the silent trees, and the moss-seeped gray slates at her feet.
"I suppose not." She looks back at me. "Do we count as nothing too?" The question startles me, and I stammer for an answer.
"Then something did happen." She takes a few steps closer, and it's all I can do to not step back- her presence is so terrifyingly intriguing that it's hard to resist being drawn in. Her mouth moves slowly.
"You came."
:iconyumekaze117:Yumekaze117 9 6
Detached Acceptance
The picture slowly comes into focus- blurred around the edges, sepia-colored and aged. Lines dance over- it is like a silent film- almost.
There hasn't been a story for a while. Just the rain pattering down in rusty trails, and the sky so gray above. On the streets below people walk without much aim, or set destination. They only gape fish-like at the firmament, hoping to catch a few drops as they slide down dark umbrella shadows.
Hard to believe there's still a human heart pumping red- vibrant, life-red- in this place.
The typewriter keys faded a decade ago, but bone fingers still clatter uselessly away.
Outside, cars rattle to life and speed up. They want to leave before the town is swallowed up in the colorless fog. There is no fear, no anger, no frustration.
"It's just like the world has given up."
Maybe it has.
"What can you see?"
"People aren't supposed to be empty."
You walk down the street, and the chill that hits you is not a physical cold- rather, it's the i
:iconyumekaze117:Yumekaze117 2 5
The Musings of a Weapon
I am defined; yes, in shades of varying color and intensity. Always keen and blunt, sharp and business-like. I do my job well, thank you, courtesy of assembly line and parts and soldering and factory and management. Regulated by legislation and under the table money I make my rotation in Russian roulettes and the wildlands of the African routine.
It is not I who pulls the trigger- I am the trigger. Where that finger goes is none of my damn business and neither is it who I discharge a bullet at. You make the decision, not me. And that stain is another record on your soul, but you're prepared to do that, aren't you? Justify hatred and intolerance and often plain stupidity with the pull of a lever and a gorgeous bang.
They never think of the consequences. They are never the winner, for they lose themselves in a hellhole far down too deep to imagine. The depravity is too dark and fathomless to comprehend, drip by drop into the sinking muck and endless sand.
I used to be a prop for k
:iconyumekaze117:Yumekaze117 4 7



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